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August 9, 2006
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I knew I was going to find her there, in the lake, under the ice.
I sat down on my knees, put my hand on the ice, over her face.
Pictures flashing in front of me.
Mortals were affraid of her so they gathered up against her,
when she was weak they threw her into the lake and denied her excistence.
The thick ice now melted under my palms and I lifted her up,
held her in my arms.
I wanted her to breathe and so she did, I wanted her to wake up and so she did.
My will is higher than mother nature and my wish more sacret than reality.
Our eyes met and we just sat there,
looking eachother in the eyes for several days and nights.
I gently brushed away frozen pearls from her hair and eyebrows,
her beauty made me think of the shattered glass rain,
glittering on the mountains where I was born so many centuries ago.
At first I wondered how she would react when she looked closer,
when she could see the monster inside me, would she scream?
Then, to my suprise, it was I who wanted to scream.
Not because I felt fear for the first time,
no, I just knew that this was the most important moment of my life.
Something on this earth that I hadnt seen or felt the presence of before.
At the same time I wanted to choke her,
make the snow around us pull her down again because I had met my destiny,
something written before my time.
I had to take her away from the ice before it tried to take her away from me.
I had stolen the treasure of the lake and winter itself would fight for her hand.
As I tried to help her get up, I saw that she could not stand , her legs were paralized.
Her eyes were begging me not to change that.
The woods would now be her home, I carried her to our new life.
She didnt say a word then and we kept the silence between us.
She was never a prisoner, she stayed with me by her own will.
It was strange how finding her changed me.
I made roses of glass grow only for her, everything to see her smile.
The way she would put them in her hair and sing silent songs in her mind,
made me realise that there had never been a true life without her and that there would never be.
When she thought I was asleep she whispered to me,
her lips didnt move but I swear I could hear her little dark secrets and words of pain.
Sometimes she even whispered a word of love in my ear,
and the echo of one single word went through my body, deep under my skin and stayed there forever.
Time went by around us but it never dared to knock on our door.
I learned more and more about her as she grew stronger,
got to know every inch of her silky pale skin by just looking.
I didnt touch her often, I felt it was something sacret just to put my hand on her cheek.
Her cold purity was a great mystery which no one was wearth disturbing.
I had lusted the warmth and flesh of women who were intrigued by me,
I could take whatever I wanted from them because they all were worthless, like all mortals, in my eyes.
My past was ereased, nothing of that mattered.
But her past was still there, haunting her.
I knew that she was the daughter of a powerful but hated warlock.
When he died she recieved his powers but the process made her weak,
and people who feared that she would be an even greater enemy than her father,
pretended to be on her side and then betrayed her trust.
The power which was building itself up inside her evoloped to something else,
because of the pain in her precious heart.
She couldnt do anything when they tied her hands together and threw her into the water,
but winter stayed with her and gave a mirror to hide in.
The lake with its surface of ice had been her protector and the keeper of the magic they doomed.

Never had I wanted anything more than her heart.

by CC
Vampire Love
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